Woolf and Community – 13 June 2017, Rome

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Virginia Woolf: the sense of community

The first round table of the Italian Virginia Woolf Society will take place on

Tuesday 13 June at 6 pm

in the garden of the Casa Internazionale delle Donne.

Speakers: Nadia Fusini, Liliana Rampello, Elisa Bolchi and Iolanda Plescia

Free entry.


Journée d’études – 7 oct. 2017, Paris 3

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La poétique woolfienne à travers le prisme de la traduction


The poetics of Woolf through the prism of translation

Journée d’études

7 octobre 2017

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris-3

Prismes EA 4398 (TRACT / 19-21)

Appel à communications

Call for Papers

Les propositions – environ 250 mots – sont à envoyer avant le 31 mai à Jessica Stephens (jessica.stephens@univ-paris3.fr) et Claire Pegon Davison (claire.davison@univ-paris3.fr)


Journée doctorale – Feminist Woolf, sept 2017

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Journée doctorale de la SEW LERMA/DEMA,  université d’Aix-Marseille, le 23 septembre 2017

Feminist Woolf: New Perspectives on Woolf’s Resistance to Feminism


‘What more fitting than to destroy an old word, a vicious and corrupt word that has done much harm in its day and is now obsolete? The word “feminist” is the word indicated’.  So speaks Virginia Woolf as she gradually brings her anti-Fascist, anti-patriarchal polemic, Three Guineas, to its rallying closing pages. And yet, although Woolf supposedly consigned ‘feminism’ to the bonfire, critics since the 1970s have been engaging specifically, even devotedly, with the feminine and feminist significance of Woolf’s work. The question proved a critical minefield. For Showalter, Woolf was a ‘saint’ in women’s literary historiography who fled from the political arena of feminism; for Toril Moi, on the contrary, Woolf was the figurehead of sexual/textual politics. Resistance from within schools of Women’s Studies, together with the opening up of Gender Studies shed light on the necessity to reconsider any unqualified judgement regarding Woolf’s relation to “feminism”, or “feminisms.” Debates thus shifted from feminine poetics or female empowerment to larger concerns with gender, sexuality and the cultural constructions of sexual relations – to the extent of proclaiming her a feminist ‘icon’ (Silver) or ‘a lightning rod for reactions to feminism’ (Snaith).  In France, meanwhile, the enduring influence of ‘écriture féminine’, psychoanalytical theory and close textual reading meant the more powerfully political or gender-rethinking  perspectives on Woolf’s writing, and indeed on Modernist writing in general, remained on the sidelines. Some French critics did address Woolf’s feminism (Regard, Manonni, Doizelet, etc.), but her work has never been addressed specifically in terms of its problematic relation to feminism by the French Society for Woolf’s Studies at their annual events (SEW, http://etudes-woolfiennes.org/?cat=4).

Fifty years after the call for ‘Women’s Lib’, therefore, and nearly seventy years since Simone de Beauvoir famously omitted to mention Woolf in her iconic Le Deuxième Sexe (1949) the time seems ripe to reconsider Woolf’s feminism, in all its contradictoriness, slipperiness, and enduring – but perhaps misleading – relevance.

The Société des etudes woolfiennes together with the Horizon project (https://womenandthefword.wordpress.com/) are therefore joining forces for a day-long symposium organised and piloted by Nicolas Pierre Boileau (LERMA, AMU) and Claire Davison (Paris III). They invite PhD students to reflect on any aspect of Woolf’s feminist thinking/ stance, her resistance to feminism, and her complex understanding of the categories of woman, femininity and gender in relation to their own research.

Proposals for short papers, along with a brief biographical note, are to reach Nicolas.boileau@univ-amu.fr by 30 April 2017.

Confirmed speakers for the event are Jane Goldman (Glasgow, UK) and Derek Ryan (Kent, UK).


IVWS Conference 2017: Virginia Woolf and the world of books (29 June-2 July)

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Annual International Virginia Woolf Conference 2017: Virginia Woolf and the World of Books

University of Reading
Berkshire, UK
June 29 – July 2, 2017

The 27th Annual International conference on Virginia Woolf will mark the centenary of the founding of the Hogarth Press. The conference aims to celebrate Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press as a key intervention in modernist and women’s writing and to mark its importance to independent publishing and bookselling.

‘Virginia Woolf and the World of Books’ invites you to consider the past, present and future of Virginia Woolf’s works. Attendees are invited to submit papers relating to all aspects of the Woolfs, the world of books, and print cultures, including topics related to Leonard and Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press; the production, reception and distribution of Woolf’s works; editing, revision and translation; periodicals and book publishing; Woolf and her readers; global and planetary modernisms; Bloomsbury and its networks; Hogarth Press authors and illustrators; modernist publishing houses and publishers; Woolf and the Digital Humanities.

Submissions for papers are due February 1st 2017 to vwoolf2017@gmail.com

Abstracts should be between 200-250 words. Please include a cover note with brief biography, affiliation, and contact details including email.

Further details can be found at www.woolf2017.com

There will be day rates and reduced rates for students/non-waged available.

Please direct any enquiries to vwoolf2017@gmail.com


Des nouvelles d’Italie: un festival littéraire et un faire-part de naissance

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Elisa Bolchi nous annonce la tenue d’un festival littéraire ‘Il Faro in una stanza’ (‘Le phare dans une chambre’) à Monza, près de Milan du 25 au 27 novembre 2016.

Détails ici: http://www.labalenabianca.com/2016/10/30/il-faro-in-una-stanza-virginia-woolf-a-monza/


Par ailleurs, une Société italienne d’études woolfiennes vient d’être créée par Elisa Bolchi (Catholic University of Milan), Nadia Fusini (Italian Institute of Human Sciences, Florence, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) et Liliana Rampello (Université de Bologne).

Espérons que cette initiative pourra donner lieu à des collaborations futures !


Virginia Woolf in Cambridge – Summer courses, July 2017

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5 days’ intensive study of Virginia Woolf at Homerton College, Cambridge

A rich programme of lectures, Cambridge-style supervisions (tutorials), excursions, and talks. With some communal meals.
We welcome teachers, students, academics, as well as the ‘common readers’ that Woolf herself so valued.

First week: 16-21 July 2017. Theme: Woolf’s Rooms

Further information here: http://www.literaturecambridge.co.uk/vw-summer/

Second week: 23 -28 July 2017. Theme: Reading Bloomsbury.

Further information here: http://www.literaturecambridge.co.uk/reading-bloomsbury/


Virginia Woolf Talks: Cambridge, Jan.-March 2017

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Virginia Woolf Talks

Supported by Lucy Cavendish College and Literature Cambridge

A new series of talks for town and gown on Virginia Woolf and her contemporaries. Free. All welcome.
Venue: Lucy Cavendish, Library Seminar Room, Lady Margaret Road, CB3 0BU

Wed. 25 January 2017, 1 pm: Dame Gillian Beer, Reading The Waves Across a Lifetime

Friday 3 March 2017, 1 pm : Nanette O’Brien, Prunes and Custard in the Archives: Virginia Woolf and Cambridge Food in A Room of One’s Own

VWSGB: Woolf birthday lecture by Susan Sellers: Sat. 28 Jan. 2017, 2 pm, Senate House, University of London


Virginia Woolf in Cambridge – Summer course, 18-22 July 2016

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Virginia Woolf in Cambridge immerses students for a week in the writing and context of Virginia Woolf. It is the only course in the world to provide lectures, readings, supervisions, and excursions, all focused upon Virginia Woolf and her work. The day starts with a lecture and discussion presented by a leading Woolf scholar. On four days there is a Cambridge-style supervision, given to students in twos or threes, and taught by lecturers and postgraduates from the University of Cambridge.

After our lectures and supervisions, there is time allocated to read and think in the beautiful setting of Homerton college. There are Woolf excursions in Cambridge and London, including visits to Girton and Newnham Colleges, where Woolf gave the lectures which became A Room of One’s Own (1929). In the evenings there will be literary readings and talks by leading novelist Susan Sellers and renowned performance artist Kabe Wilson. And there will be time to read further, explore Cambridge, and to reflect.

More information here: http://www.literaturecambridge.co.uk/vw-summer


Virginia Woolf and Heritage – Leeds, 16-19 June 2016

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The 26th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf
Leeds Trinity University

16-19 June 2016

Plenary speakers: David Bradshaw ‘“The Very Centre of the Very Centre”:
Herbert Fisher, Oxbridge and “That Great Patriarchal Machine”’; Laura Marcus
‘“Some Ancestral Dread”: The Transmission of Instinct and Feeling in Virginia Woolf’; Suzanne Raitt ‘Houses and Heritage: Virginia, Vita and Knole’

Latest programme here: https://virginiawoolf2016.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/outline-programme-4.pdf


Conférence – 31 mars 2016, Paris 3

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L’équipe VORTEX a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence de Elizabeth Abel (Université de Berkeley):

« Quel roman! Photography and Modernism’s Novel Genealogies, Virginia Woolf to Roland Barthes ».

Cette intervention aura lieu le jeudi 31 mars en salle 12 à l’Institut du Monde Anglophone, 5 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Paris 6ème, de 17h30 à 19h30