Nanterre – 13 octobre 2017

Comment sa transposition en œuvre musicale renouvelle notre écoute et notre interprétation d’un texte source ? Dans quels aspects d’un texte littéraire puise-t-on les ressources pour les voix dans l’expérimentation musicale contemporaine ? Cette mini-journée d’études réunira compositeurs, musicologues et littéraires autour de ces questions.

Université d’Aix-Marseille – 23 septembre 2017

Fifty years after the call for ‘Women’s Lib’ and nearly seventy years since Simone de Beauvoir famously omitted to mention Woolf in her iconic Le Deuxième Sexe (1949) the time seems ripe to reconsider Woolf’s feminism, in all its contradictoriness, slipperiness, and enduring – but perhaps misleading – relevance.

University of Reading – 29 June-2 July 2017

The 27th Annual International conference on Virginia Woolf will mark the centenary of the founding of the Hogarth Press. The conference aims to celebrate Leonard and Virginia Woolf’s Hogarth Press as a key intervention in modernist and women’s writing and to mark its importance to independent publishing and bookselling.

Perugia – 14-16 December 2016

This conference will explore those borders that modernism has either dissolved or provocatively recovered in light of an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and trans-geographical approach.