Dana Badulescu – Bloomsbury and the notion of space

The purpose of this paper is to explore the complex ways in which Bloomsbury artists approached space, challenging and blurring the boundaries between the domestic/private domain and the public sphere, and also between life and art.

Jacques Rancière – Rationalité et modernité – contient un essai sur Woolf

Les fictions emblématiques de la modernité littéraire détruisent ce qui faisait depuis Aristote le principe même de la fiction : l’enchaînement des actions selon la nécessité ou la vraisemblance. […] En récusant cette structure de rationalité, la fiction nouvelle témoignait d’un bouleversement qui mettait à bas la hiérarchie des formes de vie.

Edited by Claire Davison-Pégon & Anne-Marie Smith-Di Biasio – « The implications of Woolf’s contemporaneity »

The present volume seeks to explore the implications of Woolf’s contemporaneity in terms of her own era and of ours. By looking at how one can grasp the meaning of one’s time from within and without, it traces ways in which her fictional as well as non-fictional works reflect on or engage with those forms of untimeliness or out-of-timeness in the present which enable an author to see its shadows or perceive its obscurity.

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3 – 25-26 avril 2014 – Inaugural International Conference of the French Society for Modernist Studies (Call for Papers)

The aim of this two-day conference is to foster discussion on communities in the modernist period. […] More than a decade after Jessica Berman’s landmark work on « the politics of community » in modernist fiction, we seek to explore the various ways in which communities were configured across genres and artistic media, but also to acknowledge the grounds of their historical and cultural specificity.