IVWS annual bibliography of Woolf Studies

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Compiled by Kristin Czarnecki, Georgetown College

Click here for annual bibliography of Woolf studies: Annual Bibliography


International conference of the French Society of Modernist Studies – Paris 3, 25-26 avril 2014

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The inaugural international conference of the French Society of Modernist Studies

25-26 April 2014, University of the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, Paris, France

Organiser: Caroline Pollentier

Click here for further information, including the conference programme and abstracts.

Call for papers

The aim of this two-day conference is to foster discussion on communities in the modernist period. As discursive constructs and historical practices, communities constitute a privileged phenomenon from which to understand the political and ethical regime of modernist texts, as well as the actual forms of collective experience in which writers and readers were involved. More than a decade after Jessica Berman’s landmark work on « the politics of community » in modernist fiction, we seek to explore the various ways in which communities were configured across genres and artistic media, but also to acknowledge the grounds of their historical and cultural specificity. We hope that this will lead us to distinguish various versions of the communal, from the ideal to the empirical, from the utopian to the everyday, from consensus to dissensus.

Communities can be recorded at a symbolic as well as a material level, both inside and outside modernist texts themselves. We therefore encourage a variety of critical approaches, ranging from historicist and sociological, to aesthetic and philosophical. Through this critical diversity, we are particularly interested in investigating the historicity of modernist communities: how can we identify the historical singularity of modernist communal forms? How can we account for the changing scales, spaces and media of communal thinking in the modernist period? This emphasis on a historical being-in-common—what Jean-Luc Nancy defined as the community of the contemporary—can fruitfully be coupled with a critical reading of various later theories of community, from Benedict Anderson’s « imagined communities » to Jacques Rancière’s aesthetic conception of « the common ». To what extent do modernist texts lead us to understand or challenge such theories? By taking a far-ranging approach to the concepts, forms, and historical practices of community, we hope to map out the plurality of this phenomenon, while recording its persisting elusiveness.

As the conference will inaugurate the creation of the French Society of Modernist Studies—Société d’Etudes Modernistes—, we seek to bring together scholars from all countries and hope to strengthen collaborations between French and international researchers.


24th Annual Conference on VW – 5-8 June 2014, Chicago

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Virginia Woolf: Writing the World

The 24th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, co-sponsored by Loyola University Chicago and Northern Illinois University, will take place in Chicago, USA, 5 – 8 June 2014.

“Virginia Woolf: Writing the World” aims to address such themes as the creation of worlds through literary writing, Woolf’s reception as a world writer, world wars and the centenary of the First World War, and myriad other topics.

We invite proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, and workshops on any aspect of the conference theme from literary and interdisciplinary scholars, creative and performing artists, common readers, advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and teachers of Woolf at all levels.

For a list of possible themes, click here: Writing the world_Themes

Deadline for proposals: 25 January 2014. Email proposals by attachment in Word to Woolf2014@niu.edu.

For individual papers, send a 250-word proposal. For panels (three or four papers, please), send a proposed title for the panel and 250-word proposals for EACH paper. For roundtables and workshops, send a 250- to 500-word proposal and a brief biographical description of each participant.

For more information about the conference, including the keynote speakers, go to www.niu.edu/woolfwritingtheworld/