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Nanterre – 13 octobre 2017

Comment sa transposition en œuvre musicale renouvelle notre écoute et notre interprétation d’un texte source ? Dans quels aspects d’un texte littéraire puise-t-on les ressources pour les voix dans l’expérimentation musicale contemporaine ? Cette mini-journée d’études réunira compositeurs, musicologues et littéraires autour de ces questions.

Perugia – 14-16 December 2016

This conference will explore those borders that modernism has either dissolved or provocatively recovered in light of an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and trans-geographical approach.

Institute of English Studies – 26-28 June 2014

Modernism Now! is a three-day international, interdisciplinary conference organised by the British Association for Modernist Studies, designed to explore modernisms throughout the late nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3 – 25-26 avril 2014 – Inaugural International Conference of the French Society for Modernist Studies (Call for Papers)

The aim of this two-day conference is to foster discussion on communities in the modernist period. […] More than a decade after Jessica Berman’s landmark work on « the politics of community » in modernist fiction, we seek to explore the various ways in which communities were configured across genres and artistic media, but also to acknowledge the grounds of their historical and cultural specificity.

University of Rouen – 27-28 March 2014 – Call for Papers

Exploring the birth and perpetration of two critical meta-narratives and their interdependence: the myth of “high modernism” and the myth of “Victorianism”.
« If there is no clear repudiation of history and heritage on the modernists’ part, if “rupture” was a useful fiction, if the challenge to traditional aesthetics and ideology was already a Victorian preoccupation, then we definitely need to remap modernism and Victorianism simultaneously. »