International conference – Rouen, March 2014

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International Conference March, 27-28 2014, University of Rouen

Anne Besnault-Levita, Anne-Florence Gillard Estrada

Call for papers

Beyond the Victorian and Modernist Divide

Ezra Pound’s injunction to “make it new!” or Virginia Woolf’s “on or about 1910” statement have long been used in order to support a version of modernism as a strictly aesthetic revolution — or crisis — implying an essential break with Victorian art, culture and ideology. In the last decade, however, the crucial transition between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has been variously reassessed. In the wake of the new modernist studies and of the recent revaluations of the Victorian period, a growing body of scholarship now challenges traditional periodisation by examining the existence of overlaps and unexplored continuities between the Victorians, the post-Victorians and the modernists. Once separated by a critical and cultural break, Victorian and modernist scholars have become preoccupied with a similar search for cultural and aesthetic complexities that make it possible to move beyond doxic discourses and fixed dichotomies: the past and the present, outer life and inner life, materiality and spirituality, tradition and innovation, ideology and aesthetics.

This international conference would like those scholars to join forces and contribute to this new phase in the Victorian-modern debate from a broad range of perspectives across the disciplines: literature, criticism, the visual arts, history, science and philosophy. The emergence or re-emergence of ideas such as the “modern”, the “new” or “change” at the turn of the century is an indisputable fact that we want to acknowledge and re-contextualize by examining the different meanings and practices they encompass. From there, we wish to explore the birth and perpetration of two critical meta-narratives and their interdependence: the myth of “high modernism” and the myth of “Victorianism”. If there is no clear repudiation of history and heritage on the modernists’ part, if “rupture” was a useful fiction, if the challenge to traditional aesthetics and ideology was already a Victorian preoccupation, then we definitely need to remap modernism and Victorianism simultaneously.

The papers that we call for are meant to contribute to a trans-disciplinary publication whose synopsis could be the following, although it is far from being fixed.

I- Periods, words, labels: historicizing and contextualizing the idea of the “break”
II- Victorian, Edwardian and modernist literature: unexplored lines of filiation
III- Art history, aesthetic philosophy and the visual arts across the Victorian/Modernist divide
IV- Science, philosophy, ideology: landmarks for a new history of ideas
V- New approaches to identity, gender and the self: from mid-Victorians to modernist ideologies and practices.

Keynote speakers
Professor Michael Bentley, University of St. Andrews
Professor Melba Cuddy-Keane, University of Toronto


2 ouvrages sur Mrs Dalloway

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A l’occasion du programme de littérature comparée des classes préparatoires scientifiques, parution de deux ouvrages écrits par des membres de la SEW :

- Edition critique de Mrs Dalloway, chez Garnier-Flammarion.

Présentation, notes, et dossier documentaire établis par Nicolas Boileau (LERMA, AMU) et Juliana Lopoukhine (VALE, Paris-Sorbonne).

- Le Temps vécu (Flammarion, coll. « Prépa scientifiques »)

Chapitre consacré à Mrs Dalloway écrit par Anne-Laure Rigeade et Caroline Marie.

Ce livre propose des lectures des oeuvres au programme de l’épreuve de littérature et philosophie (Sylvie de Gérard de Nerval, Mrs Dalloway de Virginia Woolf, et le chapitre 2 de l’Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience de Bergson), un traitement comparatif de ces oeuvres et des dissertations corrigées.


Modernist Cultures Issue 8.1 – Musicality and Modernist Form

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Latest Issue of Modernist Cultures – out now

Modernist Cultures seeks to publish the best and most interesting scholarship in the field of modernist studies. Past contributors include Daniel Allbright, Thomas Elsaesser, Fredric Jameson, Michael Levenson, Herbert Lindenberger, Laura Marcus, Susan McCabe, Marjorie Perloff, Thomas Pfau, and David Trotter.

Modernist Cultures Issue 8.1 (Spring 2013)

Edited by Andrzej Gasiorek, Deborah Longworth and Michael Valdez Moses

Special Issue: Musicality and Modernist Form

Guest Editors: David James and Nathan Waddell

- Editorial Introduction: Musicality and Modernist Form (David James and Nathan Waddell)
- Wagner as Dramatist and Allegorist (Fredric Jameson)
- Modernism’s Handmaid: Dexterity and the Female Pianist  (William May)
- Wyndham Lewis’s ‘Very Bad Thing’: Jazz, Inter-War Culture, and The Apes of God (Nathan Waddell)
- ‘Why then grieve?’: Virginia Woolf’s Mournful Music (Tanya Dalziell)
- Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman’s ‘Text-Music Tandem’ in Words and Music (Francis Hutton-Williams)
- For Frank O’Hara: Morton Feldman’s Three Voices as Interpretation and Elegy (Scott W. Klein)
- Koffi Kwahulé’s Coltranean Theatre of Cruelty (Eric Prieto)