VW Miscellany – Call for papers

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Call for papers for a special issue of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany

Issue #91/Spring 2017

Virginia Woolf, Bloomsbury, and the War to End War

This issue commemorates the advent of the Great War and its representation by Virginia Woolf and her friends and colleagues in Bloomsbury and beyond (even H.G. Wells, who wrote a 1914 pamphlet called The War that Will End War)—noncombatants, combatants, and conscientious objectors; writers of prose, poetry, and drama; fiction and memoirs; criticism, reviews, and social commentary; journalists, historians, philosophers, and humanists.  Contributions need not necessarily involve work done during the war, but gauge the war’s ongoing effect on a wide range of topics and perspectives: cultural, socio-economic, modernist, feminist, to name the most obvious.  How did war-consciousness, for example, affect views of mass culture and consumerism?  Articles on other topics (e.g., constructions of self and identity in wartime, and post-war aesthetics) are also welcome.

Please send enquiries to Karen Levenback at kllevenback@att.net ASAP and submissions of not more than 2500 words by 1 August 2016.


IVWS Conference – Pennsylvania, June 4-7, 2015

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The 25th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, sponsored by Bloomsburg University, will take place in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, June 4-7, 2015.

The topic, Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries, seeks to contextualize Virginia Woolf’s writing alongside the work of her contemporaries. This unprecedented number of women writers — experimentalists, middlebrow authors, journalists, poets, and editors — was simultaneously contributing to, as well as complicating, modernist literature. In what ways did these burgeoning communities and enclaves of women writers intersect with (or coexist alongside) Virginia Woolf?

We welcome proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, and workshops from literary and interdisciplinary scholars, creative and performing artists, common readers, undergraduates, students, and teachers at all levels. Submissions should relate to Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries and may emphasize either the development of enclaves or specific female subcultures or individual writers who were contemporaneous with Virginia Woolf.

For individual papers, send a 250-word proposal. For panels of three or four people, please send a proposal title and a 250-word proposal for each paper. For roundtables and workshops, send a 250 to 500-word proposal and biographical description of each participant. Also, if you would like to chair a panel, please let us know.

Email proposal by attachment in word to Julie Vandivere at Woolf2015@bloomu.edu
Deadline for proposals is January 24, 2015.

More information here.


Une Chambre à soi – Genève, 21 et 22 nov. 2014

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Dans le cadre de « Elle était une fois », Quinzaine de l’égalité entre femmes et hommes, la Compagnie Trois… Six… Neuf présentera son spectacle V.W., Une chambre à soi », au théâtre du Grütli à Genève les 21 et 22 novembre 2014.

Chacune des représentations sera suivi d’une rencontre-débat.

Renseignements et réservations ici.

Par ailleurs, la compagnie a un blog qui contient toute l’actualité autour de ce spectacle depuis sa création au Festival d’Avignon Off 2013. http://www.vwunechambreasoi.fr/


Ethel Smyth’s operatic comedy « The Boatswains’s Mate »

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A new company called Retrospect Opera devoted to professional recordings of neglected British operas from the past plans to record « The Boatswain’s Mate », a wonderful operatic comedy by Virginia Woolf’s friend Ethel Smyth. It was completed exactly a century ago in 1914 and was first performed in 1916.

Everything is set up for a recording in January and funding is now being collected.

More on http://www.retrospectopera.org.uk/

Contact: David Chandler, Doshisha University, Kyoto, <dchand@gol.com>